POLICIES — All the “small print”  stuff in a size you can read



“Open Alley” Policy

All (most) dogs are welcome @Dog-Alley:

big or small

mixed breed or purebred

puppies or elderly

“intact” or spayed/neutered

new to grooming or seasoned veteran

X-treme alley dogs*:  matted or bad-attitude

We even accept—some—dogs that other groomers won’t accept


Our goal is to try make the grooming experience enjoyable for everyone.


General Policies

In order to maintain our “Open Alley” policy--for the health, safety and protection of all dogs and humans @Dog-Alley-- we have a few requests:


· For safety, all dogs should be on a leash or in a crate upon entering @Dog-Alley

· There is a grassy area to the side of the garage for pre- and post-grooming potty breaks; pickup bags will be available.  Please do not use the front lawn for potty breaks.

· For the safety and health of all our guests, all dogs must have current vaccinations . This includes current rabies shots record/tags or blood-test waiver from vet

· Please notify us when you schedule your appointment if your dog has any special needs or situations:  new to grooming, bad-attitude, elderly, skin conditions, etc.  This is necessary so that we can provide the best grooming experience for your dog, by making reasonable accommodations, such as having an extra groomer available or scheduling extra time

· After initial evaluation, we will give a price estimate and discuss any health or safety concerns; dogs that appear to have health issues may be referred to a vet for grooming.

· If we discover at the time of grooming that your dog has special needs we were not made aware of, we will stop the grooming session and  notify the owner to discuss options.

· Please notify us at least 24 hrs in advance if you will not be able to make your appointment


Special Situations Policies

For  Puppies, Dogs new to Grooming, elderly, and X-treme alley dogs , so that they don't’ get too tired or stressed,  to train them to grooming, or just to learn to enjoy grooming—


These  dogs may require:

· Extra time

· Extra Groomers

· Grooming “Training”

· Learn the sights, sounds and smell of the shop

· Learning basic obedience commands needed for grooming

· Becoming familiar with—and even enjoying—the grooming experience

· Private or multiple grooming sessions

· Additional fees


We will:

· evaluate and discuss each individual situation with you,  to see if any of these policies and methods apply to your dog.

· work with you (and your dog) on ways to accomplish grooming for your dog. 

· always discuss and get your approval in advance for any methods we may use

· discuss any issue that may need referral to a vet


We reserve the right to refuse service to any human or dog



* “X-treme” definitions:


· X-treme alley dog (matted)

We all know that long haired dogs can and do get mats and tangles.  As part of the initial evaluation, we will try to determine if the dog has some mats:  these are ones that can be removed fairly easily through basic brushing and combing methods.  Typically, mat brush-out takes about 15-30 minutes.


X-treme alley dog (matted) are dogs whose mats are so excessive that they cannot be brushed out in 15-30 minutes, or cannot be brushed out at all.  In these cases, other options will be considered and discussed with you, which may require additional time, fees, and/or grooming techniques.


· X-treme alley dog (bad-attitude)

A bad-attitude alley dog is one who just doesn’t like to get groomed.  This is a dog who is normally friendly and well-adjusted, but gets a little wild when it comes to bathing, brushing, clipping.  This dog can typically be handled by one groomer or groomer + assistant

· X-treme alley dog (biter) or (aggressive)

An x-treme alley dog (biter) is a dog who doesn’t like to get groomed and/or...well...bites!

If you have an X-treme alley dog (biter), we will work with you (and your dog) on ways to accomplish grooming for your dog.  The methods and policies will be similar to X-treme alley dog (bad attitude), in combination with soft/safe muzzles, or natural sedatives. We will always discuss and get your approval in advance for any methods we may use. If you are not willing to work with us on methods to accommodate the health and safety of all dogs and humans involved, we will—sadly—have to have you find grooming elsewhere.


With approval from you, we can work with a local vet for additional sedative needs.  Additional charges (payable to the vet) will apply.  Alternative scheduling may be needed (grooming appointment to accommodate vet schedule)


X-treme alley dog, (aggressive), are dogs that are aggressive in most situations, even at home.  At our discretion, we may try some “bad-attitude” or “biter” techniques; however, if a dog is too aggressive, or is suspected of being trained for solely for aggression or used in dog fighting, they will be turned away.



E-mail:  grooming@dog-alley.com




Open By Appointment Only during these days and times:

Monday – Saturday

9 a.m.— 6. p.m.

Closed Sundays*


Hours subject to change based on scheduled dogs and events


Open when we have dogs to groom, closed when we don’t

Closed for Dog shows and other dog events


*Occasional Sundays for: special needs  and show dogs  by pre-arranged, pre-scheduled appointment ONLY