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Grooming @Dog-Alley

Does your dog have “alley-dog” instincts?


Did you know that dogs roll in mud or stinky-stuff—garbage or worse—to stay cool and “clean”? And, that they lick, bite and scratch to “brush” their coats? That’s what we call “alley-dog instincts”.

If  a stinky, matted dog isn’t YOUR idea of a well-groomed, cool dog, get that alley-dog look out of your dog at OUR alley -- @Dog-Alley.  The groomers @Dog-Alley understand dogs and humans:  dogs want a cool, dog-friendly place to hang out and humans want their dogs clean and groomed—the human way.


All the cool dogs hangout @Dog-Alley--That means any dog is welcome @Dog-Alley.  Does your dog need an alley-dog makeover or just a bath and touchup?  Is she as big as a house or as small as a mouse? Is he sweet-as-pie or have an “alley-dog” attitude—the kind many groomers won’t accept? We do our best to accept them all @Dog-Alley  (OK, this is the small print:  extra charge and time may be needed for X-treme-alley dogs, such as severe mats, alley-dog attitude, or specialty cuts; some restrictions apply )


Bring your dog for a visit to the alley--@Dog-Alley








Open By Appointment Only during these days and times:

Monday – Saturday

9 a.m.— 6. p.m.

Closed Sundays*


Hours subject to change based on scheduled dogs and events


Open when we have dogs to groom, closed when we don’t

Closed for Dog shows and other dog events


*Occasional Sundays for: special needs  and show dogs  by pre-arranged, pre-scheduled appointment ONLY

What Dogs Want

What Humans Want

A cool, dog-friendly place to hangout

Clean, well-groomed dogs (the human way)


Friendly, professional staff

Attention and affection

Safe and humane treatment of dogs

Calm, confident leaders

Convenient Location


Great Prices