Robyn—Groomer/Lead Dog

Robyn has worked with dogs most of her life.  As well as grooming, she enjoys training and working with and showing her Irish Setter.  Robyn has been grooming for show and family and friends for some time and has her all-breed grooming certification

Mitch—Groomer/Party Dog

Mitch loves dogs and enjoys grooming and showing dogs; he is always trying to learn more about different breeds.  Mitch is every dog’s favorite human and makes sure everyone laugh’s a little (or a lot) at work. He is also our resident contractor for all of the remodel and repair projects @dog-alley

Shaena—Volunteer Bather

Shaena comes to us from a full-time career as a dog bather and assistant; she now volunteers just for the love of dogs.   Outside of work and volunteering, she enjoys  spending time with friends and traveling


E-mail:  grooming@dog-alley.com




Open By Appointment Only during these days and times:

Monday – Saturday

9 a.m.— 6. p.m.

Closed Sundays*


Hours subject to change based on scheduled dogs and events


Open when we have dogs to groom, closed when we don’t

Closed for Dog shows and other dog events


*Occasional Sundays for: special needs  and show dogs  by pre-arranged, pre-scheduled appointment ONLY

Diane is true dog lover at heart and every dog loves her gentle nature.  Retired from a career in a correctional facility, she enjoys the volunteering with the wonderful dogs @ Dog Alley. Diane helps us keep a few good dogs calm and clean.

Diane— Volunteer Bather/Zen dog