@ Dog Alley, your dog gets personal, individual attention. Because of their personal appointment times, dogs get in for their grooming when they arrive and out when they are done.  And you get to discuss the cut you want or any special needs directly with the groomer.  All this means less stress for your dog and the cut you want.


We offer reasonable, competitive prices* for the Nampa area and try to beat or meet other groomers prices.  You may find you save money (in gas) just by our convenient location.


Please call us or stop by for pricing for your breed, special needs.

(*Additional fees may apply to “X-treme” alley dogs.  )


We accept most dogs, even what we call the “X-treme” alley dog:  Large dogs, matted, and “bad attitude”

Please see “Policies” page for more information and any restrictions


X-treme Alley Dog


Brush, shampoo/condition, blow dry

Ears cleaned

Nails trimmed

Glands and Hygiene trim

Health observations

Bath (described above), plus:

Free consultation with groomer

Trim/haircut suited to your dog






Deep Conditioning Treatments

Nails, Ears or only

Free initial evaluation







Open By Appointment Only during these days and times:

Monday – Saturday

9 a.m.— 6. p.m.

Closed Sundays*


Hours subject to change based on scheduled dogs and events


Open when we have dogs to groom, closed when we don’t

Closed for Dog shows and other dog events


*Occasional Sundays for: special needs  and show dogs  by pre-arranged, pre-scheduled appointment ONLY